About Me

red8As Field CTO, my role at Red8 is to be an ambassador of our CTO’s strategic go-to-market team, working with Red8’s nationwide sales and technical teams to execute the most robust, holistic, and value-rich multi-vendor IT solutions possible.

My primary role at Voyant Strategies (VSI) was setting and implementing our go-to-market technical strategic direction. I was responsible for surveying the IT landscape, and combining industry-leading technologies to bring unique and holistic value to clients, allowing them to meet both present and future challenges with ease. I then worked with my sales and technical teams, speaking with clients and prospects nationwide, to marry our vision with theirs.

For over 24 years, I have been a technical and business process consultant to our clients, with a particular expertise focus in Enterprise Storage, Disaster Recovery, and IT Security. My varied background as a developer, DBA, network engineer, infrastructure architect, and CTO allow me to not only understand the need from the client’s particular perspective, but to be able to make the client understand his/her solution options .

I find great joy in developing comprehensive technical solutions to complex business needs, and having clients tell me years later that the solutions I recommended still apply to their evolved needs.

My latest studies and experiences have to do with helping make IT humane; helping IT teams create environments that are reliable, consistent, high-performance, and acceptable to change, allowing administrators to enjoy their personal time without thought of something going down and having to come in.

I am also proud to be a member of the NetApp A-Team (@NetappATeam), a squad of elite technologists who use and advocate for NetApp’s holistic storage solutions.

This blog represents my personal views alone, and does not necessarily reflect the views held by my employer, Red8, LLC.


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