Live Blog (a little late) – NetApp Insight Keynote Day 2

Sorry i’m late, I was….ermm….detained. ;). Going to live blog this from the green room backstage!


Did I just hear “NetApp Kubernetes Services”???? Who the hell is this NetApp??

With all this automation, Anthony Lye’s group is answering the question “This Data Fabric thing sounds all wonderful, but HOW do I utilize it without a Ph.D. In Netapp and the various cloud providers??”

So the room I’m in has some cool people in it at the moment; Henri Richard, Dave Hitz, Joel Reich, Kim Weller, bunch of other really smart folks!

Wait- FREEMIUM MODEL??? Somebody actually talked to the AppDev folks.

OK time for Cloud Insights. James Holden on stage.


Cloud Insights is GA! Again, free trial!

Lots of focus on using performance and capacity data to save money

“All that power and nothing to install.” – Anthony Lye


Time to talk about Hybrid Cloud

Brad Anderson , SVP and GM Cloud Infrastructure Group

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure – If it talks like a cloud, and walks like a cloud…(then it’s not a cloud because they neither walk nor talk.)

Seamless access to all the clouds and pay-as-you-grow.

“Last year it was just a promise, today hundreds of customers are enjoying the benefit of hybrid cloud computing. ”

Consultel Cloud – from Australia! Why are so many of the cool NetApp customers from down under? Dave Hitz says to me that companies in Australia are very forward leaning in regards to technology.

These guys are leveraging Netapp HCI to provide agile cloud services to their base, with great success. They “shatter customer expectations”.

100% Netapp HCI across the globe. Got common tasks done 68% faster. Using VMWare. They looked at other solutions, they already had SolidFire experience so that probably helped.

50% cost savings over former storage platform (but…weren’t they Solidfire before this? Maybe something else too?)

So Netapp has made cloud apps a TON easier – and letting them run wherever you want. This has been the dream that the marketing folks have been talking about for years, made real.

9:30a – Joel Reich and my friend Kim Weller up there to talk about the future of Hybrid Cloud.

In the future most data will be generated at the edge, processed in the cloud.

Data Pipeline – Joel Reich, a self-proclaimed “experienced manager” will use Kim’s checklist

Snapmirror from Netapp HCI to the cloud.

Octavian looking like DOC OC! He has a “mobile data center” on his BACK. Running NetApp Select! MQTT protocol to Netapp Select (for connected devices)

Netapp automating the administration for setting up a FabricPool. You don’t have to be an NCIE to do this. Nice.

FlexCache is back and it’s better! Solves a major problem for distributed read access of datasets.

Netapp Data Availability Services – now this is something a TON of users will find valuable.

9:51 – Here’s what I was waiting for – MAX DATA.

“It makes everything faster”.

Collab with Intel – Optane persistent memory.

Will change the way your datacenter looks.

11X – MongoDB accelerated 11X vs same system without it.

NO application rewrites! In the future they will make your legacy hardware faster.

In the future will work in the cloud.

Looking forward to more specifics here. Wanted to see a demo. But we’ll see it soon enough.

Live Blog (a little late) – NetApp Insight Keynote Day 2

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