Live Blog: NetApp Insight Keynote Day 1

OK, starting late but this is important stuff. Going to talk about the cool stuff as it happens.

8:41a- George Kurian makes a bold statement that Istio is part of the de facto IT architecture going forward. That’s service mesh folks, where each containerized microservices app knows about all the others in the ecosystem by employing Nginx in each container rather than going through redundant centralized load balancers, and do automatic service discovery. That’s a big recognition.

8:47a – Dreamworks- “NetApp is the data authority”.

8:50a – Preview of “How to tame a dragon”. Never ceases to impress, and this tech is going to get exponentially better over the next 3-4 years.

8:52 – Got a note from an A-Teamer that there are new selectable offerings on! Go check it out. New node types and software offerings…

8:53 Next speaker – Some future perspective from one of the leading media futurists in the world – Gerd Leanhard.

8:56 Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years. (My note- expect resistance, and more resistance as the pace quickens).

8:57 “MS Hololens may be free one day” – We all know that NOTHING is free. The form of payment just changes.

9:00 IoT/AI creates a 62 TRILLION DOLLAR economic shift. “Data is the new oil, AI is the new electricity, IoT is the new nervous system.”

9:02 2020 starts the Cognitive Systems Era. Just because Watson reads all the philosphy books doesn’t make it a philosopher. Won’t know what love feels like. “Knowledge is not the same as understanding!”

9:05 “They could buy France…they would think twice about that…” ZING.

9:06 Megashifts – a new Meta-Intelligence – for better or worse. When we cognify we will change the world. (How?) Disintermediation, Cognification, personalization, augmentation, virtualization

9:09 Tech is morally neutral until we USE it. #HellVen

AI will enable 38% profit gains by 2035. But inequality increases.

#DigitalEthics is a primary discussion now more than ever, discussed in news more than ever. Gartner #1 topic for 2019.

9:13 – China opensesame – instant credit, everyone gets a number.

9:14 Tech and data has no ethics – but societies without ethics are doomed. Cannot argue this- but purist capitalist societies do not incentivise ethics.

Who will be “mission Control for Humanity”? “Facebook gunning at Democracy”. Facebook wasn’t hacked, they’re not criminals, it was used properly but it was used unethically. FB doesn’t have lack of money.

Data Mining – Data MYning.

“Technology is exponential, Humans are NOT”.

“Don’t let your kids learn low level coding, or anything routine.”

Einstein: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

9:25 Summary from Gerd Leonhard – The future is driven by Data- defined by Humanity. Emrace technology- but don’t become it. WOW.

9:28 George back on the stage. I really love that NetApp, a company that has defined Data Fabric, and is at the core of so many data driven companies, is talking about the ethical use of that data and of technology in general. We need this industry leadership to extend this message into our policy making processes both at the state and federal level. Otherwise, we cede our policy making to the industry, who will act as (hopefully) benevolent feudal lords.

9:38 – Demo time coming….. :). Anthony Lye is on the stage. – NetApp Cloud Central – not something to install, maintain, or configure- just something that exists, 7×24, optimized by workloads, accessible by callable routines.

1) discover endpoints – ActiveIQ. The fabric will tell YOU if there are opporftunities to tier and save money, capacity, etc.

Netapp “My Data Fabric”

Create Cloud Volume on all clouds from one page and API. WOW. And BACK UP those cloud volumes with snaps and a new backup service for archival. Full solution.

How does the storage get to compute? Combined Greencloud and stackpoint, control pnae to deploy K8S Istio, + trident. WOW WOW.


Install trusted config to your PRIVATE cloud. Create a “cloud volume” on your PRIVATE INFRASTRUCTURE…..

CLOUD INSIGHTS- SaaS, no SW to install. Access to On-Prem and all public clouds, realtime performance on both. Pay for what you consume. Small to extremely large businesses.

OK what I just saw what earth-shattering. There is a LOT of learning to do!!!

9:50 Now a customer who deals with Genome Sequencing.

“NuxiNexCode” – the internet of DNA

This guy just EXUDES scientist.

Single human genome sequencing in hours. 3 Billion Letters. Understand the millions of differences from one human to another. 40 Exabytes/yr

Expected to be the biggest datasets in the world

MArry this data with clinical and other patient and relative data.

GORdb Platform overview

Not sure if they could’ve gotten this done without Netapp Cloud Volumes functionality. By the way what other storage company is doing what Netapp is doing with on-prem, in-cloud instance, and in-cloud services? NONE. In fact, none are even CLOSE and that is astounding, there will be one storage, er data services, company standing in 10 years.


George: Netapp #1 in US public services, Germany, and Japan, and ALL the biggest cloud providers. That’s a bold statement.

That’s a wrap until tomorrow!

Live Blog: NetApp Insight Keynote Day 1

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