Commvault Go 2017

I’m currently at the Commvault Go keynote, and have just heard from the only man who has trekked to both the north AND south poles. Tough task for sure.  The best slide he put up was from the end of his one year journey, when he returned to base only to discover that his ride home was 7/8 submerged.  Talk about needing a backup plan!

After that inspiring speech (which connected to the event by talking about respecting DATA and FACTS in the context of climate change), CEO Bob Hammer took to the stage to discuss the major themes of the event.

First and most immediately impactful to the industry is the release of Commvault’s HyperScale platform, which runs on commodity hardware and signals the beginning of the end of legacy 3-tier Enterprise backup architecture.  Backed by RedHat GlusterFS, Commvault has created a back-end storage platform upon which they can layer a tuned version of their media agent/GRIDStore technology (which creates scalable, balanced,  and fault tolerant pools of data movers), all towards the purpose of providing a linearly scalable home for secondary data copies.

Notable is that CV has chosen to give customers a choice to use CV’s own hardware (offered as a subscription of HW and SW!) or run it on their own hardware from a number of verified hardware companies that span all the usual suspects (HPE, Cisco, Dell, etc).

More notable is that Cisco has aggressively gotten behind this product with their ScaleProtect offering, which is the CV HyperScale on their UCS platform, sold 100% through their channel.  I’ve spoken with 3 different Cisco sales reps in different regions and they are all planning on hitting their territories hard with this offering.

Hammer also talked about the pending release of new Analytics offerings, talking about using AI and Deep Learning to glean actionable information out of secondary data sets for the purposes of properly classifying, retaining, and/or deleting data as well as helping to achieve the ever-more-difficult objective of compliance.

More to come from this event- but I certainly look forward to seeing Commvault’s flag flying on the South Pole!

Commvault Go 2017

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