Great read re: Disruption

I encourage you to read this great (and short) article about disruption, and our mental models that allow it to happen to us:

Read Forbes article here

Great read re: Disruption

Stop counting lines in sysconfig -r

Thank you to @scottygelb for this tidbit timesaver.

Instead of looking at sysconfig -r to evaluate what the raid group sizes are across your NetApp (which I’ve been doing for a LONG time), use

sysconfig -V

This will give you output like this-

volume aggr0 (1 RAID group):
group 0: 7 disks
volume aggr1_fc (1 RAID group):
group 0: 13 disks

This proves that no matter how long you’ve been doing something, you can still learn more from others. Keep the mind open!

Stop counting lines in sysconfig -r

OS X built-in emergency HTTP server

Sometimes you need to serve up a file via HTTP, for instance when upgrading a NetApp Cluster via the Automated method.

With Windows, I always had to install a lightweight HTTP Server, or install IIS (ugh).

I have a MacBook Pro, and I don’t have to install anything!

I can just CD to the directory that the desired file is in, and issue the following command:

python -mSimpleHTTPServer xxxx

where “xxxx” is the TCP Port number you want your laptop to listen on for the HTTP request.  By default, it will use port 8000.

Just make sure you CTRL-C when you’re done, or you’re going to leave a wide-open entryway into that directory.

Hope you find this helpful, I know I did when I learned it!

OS X built-in emergency HTTP server