Great read re: Disruption

I encourage you to read this great (and short) article about disruption, and our mental models that allow it to happen to us:

Read Forbes article here

Great read re: Disruption

Stop counting lines in sysconfig -r

Thank you to @scottygelb for this tidbit timesaver.

Instead of looking at sysconfig -r to evaluate what the raid group sizes are across your NetApp (which I’ve been doing for a LONG time), use

sysconfig -V

This will give you output like this-

volume aggr0 (1 RAID group):
group 0: 7 disks
volume aggr1_fc (1 RAID group):
group 0: 13 disks

This proves that no matter how long you’ve been doing something, you can still learn more from others. Keep the mind open!

Stop counting lines in sysconfig -r

OS X built-in emergency HTTP server

Sometimes you need to serve up a file via HTTP, for instance when upgrading a NetApp Cluster via the Automated method.

With Windows, I always had to install a lightweight HTTP Server, or install IIS (ugh).

I have a MacBook Pro, and I don’t have to install anything!

I can just CD to the directory that the desired file is in, and issue the following command:

python -mSimpleHTTPServer xxxx

where “xxxx” is the TCP Port number you want your laptop to listen on for the HTTP request. ┬áBy default, it will use port 8000.

Just make sure you CTRL-C when you’re done, or you’re going to leave a wide-open entryway into that directory.

Hope you find this helpful, I know I did when I learned it!

OS X built-in emergency HTTP server